Spirituality is that which gives meaning to our lives and draws us to transcend ourselves. Expressions of spirituality include prayer, meditation, interactions with others or nature, and our relationship with God.

Catherine McAuley’s spirituality was firmly linked to her relationship with a merciful God as she experienced it coming to her through others. Catherine nourished her relationship with God through prayer. She believed that

"Prayer is a plant, the seed of which must be nourished or it will die."

She was drawn to the poor and this was influenced by her father’s relationship with the poor children of the town. Her lifelong intention was to offer that same compassion to the poor who crossed her path. Her spirituality was about putting the message of the Gospel into action.

Catherine was able to hold the balance of contemplation and action: "While we place all our confidence in God, we must act as if all depended on ourselves."
This is the challenge of Mercy spirituality.