Stella Maris Aged Care Facility Cronulla

Stella Maris is an Aged Care Facility at Cronulla, with a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean in all its changing beauty.

Established in 1964, Stella Maris is owned by the Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta and managed by Mercy Community Services SEQ Limited.

Stella Maris strives to provide professional and compassionate care which respects the dignity of each person. In so doing, it seeks to enhance the quality of life for the sick and the aged, to alleviate their suffering, and to care for the dying in an environment which is distinctly Christian.

“Our perfection does not consist in
performing extraordinary actions, but
rather in performing extraordinarily well,
the ordinary actions of every day.”
Catherine McAuley

The ministry serves the ageing Sisters of the Congregation, family members of the Sisters, friends of Stella Maris, residents of the local area and members of other religious congregations.

Stella Maris provides residential care and support to persons requiring high and low care including palliative care. In 2013, the entire complex underwent extensive renovations to deliver state of the art facilities which consists of 3 floors: Level 1 (Marian Wing) has 28 low care ageing in place rooms, Level 2 (Mercy Wing) has 24 high care rooms and Level 3 (Mercedes Wing) has 20 low care rooms. In all, there are 72 beds throughout the facility. Day Centre programs are an integral part of Stella Maris Life.

The men’s and women’s auxiliaries and the many volunteers provide invaluable support through many fundraising initiatives, recreational programs and supportive relationships with the Stella Maris community.

The ministry is primarily funded through the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing [DHA].