Marymount Mercy Centre

Marymount Mercy Centre

Marymount Mercy Centre is a spirituality centre owned and operated by the Sisters of Mercy of Parramatta situated in Castle Hill, a north-western suburb of Sydney. Marymount provides a beautiful venue for its present purpose of sponsoring the New Life personal and spiritual renewal programs, a Conference Centre, and a Retreat location.

Marymount offers comfortable residential facilities and spacious grounds, and an atmosphere of quiet beauty and peace that lends itself to prayer and reflection. A swimming pool is available for exercise and recreation for participants.

The New Life programs have been offered at Marymount since 1984. These programs have been designed for priests, religious and lay persons of all ages who have been engaged in a variety of ministries. The courses offer time for spiritual renewal and relaxation, and the opportunity to reflect on some of the challenging issues in times of great change in the Church, Society and the Global Community.

“I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

A shorter program for three months is offered and a longer program of six months has been designed to meet the needs of those who have the opportunity to have a longer sabbatical period.

The programs provide input on topics relating to personal and spiritual integration at the person's particular life stage. They draw on modern scholarship in theology, scripture and spirituality and other professionally significant studies, such as social justice, adult development, personality theories, communication and conflict resolution skills.

There is time for reflection, prayer and reading in a congenial and beautiful setting, Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreat. The emphasis is on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing as well as on personal and professional growth.

The aim of the programs is to design a rich community experience with people from a wide variety of cultures, nations and ministry experiences. The experience is designed to be a time of transformation for participants. The programs attract people from, and missionaries serving in, all corners of the globe. A number of scholarships for religious from Kenya, Samoa, India and the Philippines as well as reduced rates for religious from developing countries, have enabled a number of participants access to this opportunity that in other circumstances would be unavailable to them.

The team running the programs comprises Sisters of Mercy and other religious as well as visiting lecturers and specialists.

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