Mercy Mission Animation

The Office of Mission Animation facilitates the promotion of the mission, traditions and values of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta in its Sponsored Works and in schools which have previously been staffed by Sisters of the Congregation.

There is focus on the exploration of the Mercy Story, a deeper understanding of the Mercy Values and exploration of how these intersect to enrich professional life and faith development

Opportunities for formation in Mercy are available in a variety of ways:

  • One-day workshops
  • Staff meetings
  • Morning/twilight sessions
  • Reflection/Spirituality days

All programs are tailored to suit the needs of participants.

Mission Animation offers a variety of workshops. Two examples are The Mercy Story: Then and Now which is designed for those who are new to the Mercy Story. It traces the story of Catherine McAuley; it reflects on how the Mercy charism has been lived by the Parramatta Sisters of Mercy and how it continues to be lived today. It is particularly aimed at staff who are new to workplaces with Mercy origins.

Sharing the Mercy Story is designed for a Staff Development / Spirituality Day. How are we already living Mercy values in the workplace? What are the challenges we face in living Mercy values in the 21st century? What are we challenged to do personally and professionally?

The Mission Animator is also able to provide resources and experiences that foster and promote the Mercy charism in the workplace. These sessions can be customised for particular situations and needs. They can be a full day, a half day or a staff meeting. These days can take place in:

  • A school setting
  • At Mercy Congregation Centre Parramatta
  • Off-site e.g. External spirituality centres

How might we journey together on the path of Mercy in 2021?

"By courageous concern for the welfare of the poor, the sick, and the uneducated…Catherine McAuley animated many at the centers of the wealth, power and influence to share in her heroic efforts. She connected the rich to the poor, the healthy to the sick, the educated and skilled to the uninstructed, the influential to those of no consequence, the powerful to the weak, to do the work of God on earth.” Tender Courage, Sister M. Joanna Regan, R.S.M.


(Ms) Ana Pintos
Coordinator, Office of Mission Animation,
Sisters of Mercy Parramatta,
6 Victoria Rd, Parramatta, NSW 2151

Ph.: +61 2 9630 9510 (direct line); Mob.: +61 428 734 016
Ph.: +612 9683 2555 (Congregation office)
Fax: +612 9683 6550