World Environment Day, 5 June 2024

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June and encourages awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

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"We, Sisters of Mercy Parramatta Congregation, will protect the rights of the natural world and make practical efforts to stem the hurtful effects of climate change, pollution and the ‘throw away’ mentality." (Chapter Statement).

World Environment Day (5 June) this year invites us all to join in the global effort for #GenerationRestoration.

We cannot turn back time, but we can grow forests, revive water sources, and bring back soils. We are the generation that can make peace with land.

Message from UN Secretary-General António Guterres:

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is “land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience.” 

Humanity depends on land. Yet, all over the world, a toxic cocktail of pollution, climate chaos, and biodiversity decimation are turning healthy lands into deserts, and thriving ecosystems into dead zones. They are annihilating forests and grasslands, and sapping the strength of land to support ecosystems, agriculture, and communities.

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