Synod Report: A Church that Involves Everyone and is Close to World’s Wounds

The Synthesis Report at the conclusion of the 16th General Assembly of the Synod on Synodality is published.

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"We will encourage understanding and practice of our faith, informed by new knowledge and the interaction of science, theology and spirituality." (Chapter Statement)

'Looking ahead to the second session in 2024, the text offers reflections and proposals on topics such as the role of women and the laity, the ministry of bishops, priesthood and the diaconate, the importance of the poor and migrants, digital mission, ecumenism, and abuse...

The document of some forty pages is the result of the work of the assembly that took place “while wars both old and new have raged in the world, with dramatic consequences that are impacting upon countless victims.” The report continues, “The cry of the poor resounded among us, of those forced to migrate and of those suffering violence and the devastating consequences of climate change. We heard their cry not only through the media, but also through the voices of many present, who were personally involved in these tragic events whether through their families or their people” (Foreword)....

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Download the Synthesis Report 'A Synodal Church in Mission' (PDF, 40pps)

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