Sr Katrina makes Perpetual Profession of Vows

On Saturday July 9th, Sr Katrina Zhang, made her perpetual profession of her vows as a Sister of Mercy, within the Parramatta Congregation. Before over 100 invited guests and members of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, Sr Katrina vowed perpetual Poverty, Chastity, Obedience and Apostolic Service through the works of Mercy in accordance with the Constitutions of the Sisters of Mercy.

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Sister Katrina with the Congregation Leadership Team. L-R Sisters: Maria Lawton, Catherine Ryan, Katrina Zhang, Sr Margaret Jones, Catherine Harris, Mary-Louise Petro

Sister Katrina's Profession, took place within a Eucharistic Celebration celebrated by Rev Fr Chris de Souza in the Mother Mary Clare Dunphy Memorial Chapel, within the grounds of the Convent of Mercy, Parramatta.

The liturgy, which was rich in music and singing, included the presentation of a Profession ring, which in the custom of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, is a plain silver band, with FIAT (Your Will Be Done) engraved on the outside of the ring and Katrina's personal motto: "Trust in Love" engraved on the inside.

Sr Katrina expressed her deep gratitude to God, the Congregation and her family and friends for the love care and support that had brought her to this day.

Photo: Sr Katrina is "welcomed" as a full member of the Parramatta Congregation by Sr Mary-Louise Petro.

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