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Mercy Connect Ballarat Volunteer and Student

A road trip from Sydney to Perth with visits to the Mercy Connect projects in Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo would add over 4,000 kilometres to your speedometer. Yet such a journey still wouldn’t accurately show just how valuable the Mercy Connect program is.

School can be a daunting place for anyone. Add in adjusting to a new language, different social rules and ways of learning and it may all become too much. This is where Mercy Connect comes in. This program recruits and trains volunteers to mentor and support refugee students.

Mercy Connect began in Sydney in 2008 with basic goals to help refugee and asylum seeker children to settle into the Australian education system. This is still the focal point but it now also supports parents and mature age students, helping them get the education they deserve.

12 years on and Mercy Connect is now in five cities across Australia, with more than 300 volunteers supporting over 1400 students in 116 primary and secondary schools.

Download and read the reports from Mercy Works: Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat/Bendigo, Perth

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