Mercy International Launches "Voices Microsite"

The Mercy International Reflection Process commenced with the beginning of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy on Dec 8th, 2015. The four phase process, is being conducted around the world as Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Associates, Mission and Ministry Partners, family and friends have joined small groups to listen, reflect and develop a response to the theme: "The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor".

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Encouraged and informed by the Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si, and in the context of the Year of Mercy, the Mercy International Reflection Process, has seen small groups reflect, identify and name issues facing our world today which they wish to further explore.

Having undertaken the step of informing themselves more fully on their chosen issue, the next stage in the process is to broaden the context in which the groups' considerations are further explored, to include the scriptures, theology and our Mercy Tradition to name a few.

To enhance this process, the Voices Microsite, which provides access to video interviews with theologians, scholars and experts from across the globe has been created to share insights and knowledge to broaden the context of the group reflections. To read more about the launch of the microsite and its background via Mercy E-News, please click here.

To read more about the Mercy International Theological Reflection Process please click here.

Top visit the Voices Microsite, please click here.

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