Mercy International Celebrates 20 Years

'Welcome! Welcome to the home of Catherine McAuley on Baggot Street, Dublin. Today is a very special day for Mercy Sisters and lay Associates all over the world...'
With these words, spoken twenty years ago, on July 23, 1994, the first House of Mercy established by Catherine McAuley in Baggot Street, Dublin in 1827 became the Mercy International Centre.

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Parramatta Sisters at Mercy International Centre

Since then, the Centre has been a focus for Sisters of Mercy around the world, along with their associates and friends in discovering anew the spirit of Catherine McAuley.

In September, a week of activities will take place at the Centre from the 23rd to 29th to commemorate the first twenty years. Many will gather at Baggot Street for events that will both acknowledge the past and look to the future. The programme of events can be READ HERE.

Members of the Mercy family around the world will be able to participate in a number of the events of the week as they will be streamed live and available on the Mercy World website.

On the actual Anniversary of the Opening last week, a special edition of the international Mercy E-news was published to mark the occasion. The E-news contains accounts of various aspects of that day and also a video of the event. The E-news and video can be seen HERE.

Over the next two months, the Mercy E-news will focus especially on the celebrations ahead. Here is what will be contained in each E-News:


  • 6 August Mercy E-news will include a specially written (short) prayer and an invitation to everyone in E-news to commence 30 days prayer on 25 August
  • 13 August Mercy E-news will link to the songs and hymns being used in the rituals, including for the Mass, with encouragement to everyone to learn/practise/use the hymns and songs in the lead up to the celebration week. This should help build interest and it would be wonderful to hear that schools, staffs, Board meetings as well as Mercy community get-togethers and congregation gatherings were having hymn practice!
  • 20 August Mercy E-news will include the advice that Prayer Rituals are online and can be accessed.
    Technical requirements for Livestream will be also be addressed eg good bandwidth, speakers on the computer…NB Any computer purchased in the last 3 years should be robust enough to stream these events
  • 25 August Mercy E-news. Commence 30 days Prayer


  • 10 September Mercy E- News – advice to all readers to conduct their technical check online from 15-20 September. In other words, instructions and sample Livestream will be online for everyone to log on and check.
  • 23-29 September Mercy E-news will be published daily during the Celebrations.

We invite you all to join with us in our preparation and our participation in these celebrations by the Mercy family around the world.

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