Join Us and the Mercy World in 9 Days of Prayer & Reflection

18 June is the third anniversary of the release by Pope Francis of his letter Laudato Si': On Care for our Common Home.

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'We will enjoy and celebrate Earth’s beauty and bounty and her many species. We will honour our duty to love and care for her and add to her well-being wherever possible.'
(Chapter Statement)

To mark the third anniversary of the release by Pope Francis of his encyclical letter Laudato Si’, Sisters of Mercy across the globe have committed to 9 Days of Prayer and Reflection using the Prayer for our Earth. The 9 Days will commence on Monday, 18 June and conclude on Tuesday, 26 June.

We, Sisters of Mercy of the Parramatta Congregation, are committed to protecting the rights of the natural world and to stemming the hurtful effects of climate change, pollution and the ‘throw away’ mentality, all of which concerns are addressed by Pope Francis in Laudato Si’.

We invite you to join us and the Mercy world in both marking the anniversary in prayer and in reflecting on the ways in which you can act to respect and protect the rights of Earth and the Earth community.

Some ways to become involved in living Laudato Si':

• Take the Laudato Si' pledge here
• Join Global Campaigns here
• Sign up to the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) weekly blog digest here
• Volunteer Opportunities are listed here

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