Holy Week and Easter 2018

Walking the journey of Jesus towards the cross and resurrection.

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'We will encourage understanding and practice of our faith, informed by new knowledge and the interaction of science, theology and spirituality.' (Chapter Statement)

We have now entered the holiest of weeks in our Christian calendar. Today, Thursday, is Holy Thursday, a day of profound meaning. It will be followed by the solemnity, sorrow and extraordinary sacrifice of Good Friday, the anxious anticipation of Holy Saturday and the unbridled  joy of Easter Sunday.

We, Sisters of Mercy Parramatta Congregation, invite you to join us in prayer, thought or reflection on the significance of these days for ourselves, for each other, for the wider community and for the needs of the world in which we live.

You might like to watch this video, Come and witness first light with its contemporary portrayal of the significance of the journey with the cross to resurrection


Come and witness first light from KAIROS Canada on Vimeo.

'In our world it is so hard to believe and yet we hold to that promise... that new life, genuine transformation, come to these first: the oppressed, the grieving, those violated by indifference, those harmed by inaction, those showing risky solidarity. Let these be the first to glimpse first light, impossible hope made possible in tangible, incredible change.'

Easter blessings

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