Cross Cultural Competency Course 

NATSICC (The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council ) has developed a foundational Online Cross Cultural Competency Course for all Catholic workers, volunteers, Clergy and Religious.

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"Sisters of Mercy Parramatta Congregation will nurture relations that are kind, just, respectful and inclusive among each other.." (Chapter Statement)

This is the first ever Cross Cultural training with a Catholic Focus and will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

It is NATSICC's vision that any point of engagement between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and the Church will have undertaken the Course and possess a foundational knowledge and appreciation of the oldest living Culture in the world.

It is hoped that by fostering greater awareness and understanding across cultural boundaries, the Course will lead to the building of more positive relationships and effective outcomes for all people in Australia

Download the brochure to find out more (PDF)

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