Asylum Seekers and Refugees

As you are well aware there are many disturbing social justice issues that confront our society at present. The temptation is to feel overwhelmed and powerless but we cannot abandon the responsibility to do what we can to work for justice and equity in whatever way we can: be it through prayer, signing an on line petition, keeping well informed, supporting advocacy groups, or calling law makers to account.
Sr Catherine Ryan rsm Congregation Leader 5 May 2014

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All Sisters of Mercy throughout the world take four vows as part of their commitment within religious life. The fourth of these vows is a vow of service to the poor, sick and ignorant. This vow of service is a significant dimension of our lives and the fourth vow social justice group is one way in which the Sisters, with others who share our passion for social justice, express this commitment.

The 4th Vow social justice group and friends met in Parramatta on Saturday 24 May to reflect on and discuss current justice issues of concern under the title ‘Keeping Hope Alive’.

The issues were:

  • The government proposal to send refugees from Nauru to Cambodia;
  • Water: our involvement with Mercy Global Concern to make the UN list water as a human right;
  • The budget: who wins, who loses.

We viewed DVDs on the topics and vigorous discussion followed. We signed a letter of thanks to Sr Denise Coghlan for her part in the Dateline program on Cambodia. An action sheet with addresses for relevant ministers was distributed and we were encouraged to take some action both to try to bring about change of policies and also to enable ourselves to ‘keep hope alive’.

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