Statement Concerning Royal Commission Final report and Child Sexual Abuse

The Final Report from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been released today, December 15th, 2017.

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The Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, welcomed the establishment of the Royal Commission and supports its important work over the past 5 years in bringing to light the failures of Institutions, including those associated with the Catholic Church and Religious Congregations, to protect and nurture children under their care.

We acknowledge with deep regret, there have been times in the history of some of our institutions, that some people under our care were not treated with care and respect.

We honour and respect the courage of those survivors who came forward to tell their stories and shed light on this shameful tragedy that has had such devastating and damaging implications for them, their families and friends.

We thank the Commissioners for their tireless dedication to survivors and their efforts to ensure such abuse can never happen again.

As a Congregation, and as individual members, we commit to:

• continuing our efforts to ensure the protection of children and vulnerable adults from all forms of abuse within our Institutions and ministries;
• work fully and openly in responding to the recommendations of the Royal Commission;
• respond with mercy and compassion to survivors of all forms of abuse.

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