June Issue of the Bilum Now Available

Mercy Works -transforming lives by responding to local needs.

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‘Mercy Works’ is the name given to the organisation that supports the local and overseas relief and development activities that are part of the vision and mission of the four congregations of the Sisters of Mercy in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Across Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Australia, Mercy Works supports communities as they seek to achieve meaningful positive change.

Twice each year, in June and December, Mercy Works publishes its magazine ‘The Bilum, to share the stories of the people, the projects and the efforts undertaken to transform lives by responding to local needs.

The June issue of ‘The Bilum' is now online. Among the inspiring stories in its pages is that of Tiana Gebrael, a Year 10 student at OLMC Parramatta who held a fundraiser after hearing about the hardship faced by people in developing countries. “I feel these people are so grateful for anything that comes their way, whereas we don’t always appreciate all the luxuries that we have. As a result, I really wanted to do something that could help to make their lives the slightest bit better”.

Read more about Tiana's fundraising efforts in the latest issue of the Bilum (PDF)

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