OLMC Parramatta links past and future with new Alumnae Scholarship

Mercy Scholarship for Alumnae part of 130th anniversary celebrations

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Alumnae Association President Christine Robertson announces scholarship

Coinciding with the College’s 130th anniversary celebrations in 2019, a new Mercy Scholarship for Alumnae will be introduced to give daughters, granddaughters, or great granddaughters of OLMC ex-students the opportunity for a Mercy education at Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta.

The new Mercy Scholarship for Alumnae was announced at the annual Alumnae Reunion Day held in September this year. The OLMC Alumnae Association will fund one scholarship for a student entering the College in Year 7. The Scholarship will cover tuition fees for a six-year period from Year 7 to Year 12. The intention is to enable the daughter, granddaughter or great granddaughter of an OLMC Parramatta ex-student to be educated at the College. The ex-student applying for the Scholarship for their daughter/granddaughter/great granddaughter is required to be a registered member of the Alumnae Association. The College also offers a Mercy Scholarship for Academic Excellence and for Music Excellence.

OLMC Parramatta Alumnae Association President Christine Robertson says the Scholarship is a wonderful idea. “At the AGM, the assembled Alumnae were presented with the opportunity to endorse this exciting new partnership with the College. It was truly a momentous occasion when the proposal to establish and support a Mercy Scholarship for Alumnae was unanimously accepted.”

“The Scholarship establishes another genuine connection between the past, present and future of the College, linking our alumnae to future education at OLMC in the Mercy tradition.”

“This new initiative also recognises the strong tradition at OLMC of many generations of women from the same family attaining a Mercy education at OLMC Parramatta. This new scholarship serves to recognise and encourage the continuation of this rich tradition into the future,” said OLMC Parramatta Alumnae Association President Christine Robertson.

Principal Stephen Walsh said he was delighted with the new scholarship initiative and the opportunities it presents for recipients: “From my conversations with ex-students, I get a strong sense that a Mercy education is truly treasured. They often feel very privileged to have attended the College. This is a chance for ex-students to have their daughters, granddaughters or great granddaughters experience that excellent education that they received.”

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