OLMC Parramatta Introduces Four New Houses in 2018

Four new Houses created in the lead up to college's130 year anniversary in 2019

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New vertical House system at OLMC

In 2018, Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta will introduce four new Houses as part of a move to the Vertical House Pastoral Care System.

College Principal Stephen Walsh says this is a momentous occasion in the College’s long history as it is the first time in 25 years that a new House has been introduced: “It is exciting to be creating the four new Houses of Callaghan, Callan, Doyle and Kavanagh in the lead up to our 130 year anniversary in 2019.”

The Houses at OLMC Parramatta are named after people and places associated with Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, and the Sisters from Callan, Ireland who established the College in 1889. Each House has a crest, colour and motto and the Houses have been paired, such that Sister Houses have been created: Stanley has been paired with Kavangah, McAuley with Doyle, Clare with Callan and Mercedes with Callaghan.

Director of Pastoral Care, Anne-Maree Donnelly says research shows, overwhelmingly, that the Vertical House structure establishes strong links between girls, teachers and parents/carers: “Students will be grouped in Houses rather than Year Groups for Pastoral Care. For example, Homeroom Groups will be House based and will include girls from Year 7 through to Year 12. The Homeroom Group provides a sense of belonging to a ‘small family unit’ within a larger House family and bonds are created between peers of all ages. Students will have the same teacher and House Mentor throughout their OLMC journey.”

 “Mercy Girls forming the new Houses of Callaghan, Callan, Doyle and Kavanagh are literally making history. While some girls may initially be reluctant to leave their current House, there is also energy and excitement around starting something new. The girls remaining in the current Houses of Clare, McAuley, Mercedes and Stanley now have a duty to renew their House spirit and work with their new Sister House. There are exciting times ahead as girls will also have new lockers in their House colour in 2018, as well as new House shirts. There will be House events, formal and informal functions as well as inter-House competitions,” said Anne-Maree Donnelly.

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