Professor Lesley Hughes wins Eureka Prize

Professor Lesley Hughes award is in recognition for her work in engaging the community in the effects of climate change especially on Australia’s biodiversity.

Professor Hughes spoke at our last Ecology /4th Vow meeting in July 2014 on Climate Change and Biodiversity. We were privileged to have someone of the calibre of Lesley explaining to us what we may lose from the effects of climate change on biodiversity, her area of expertise.

Professor Lesley Hughes is an ecologist in the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University and an expert on species and ecosystems.

In 2012 Professor Lesley Hughes and the other commissioners on the Climate Commission travelled around Australia trying to help people understand the urgency of this issue. I was fortunate enough to go a public meeting at Parramatta. It was a marvellous awareness raising meeting, but also a bit torrid for the presenters, because we also had a large group of climate change deniers and sceptics who were very vocal and very loud, and quite insulting in many cases. Lesley and the other members were polite, reasonable and expert in their response to the attacks on them.

To read more about Professor Hughes qualifications and work go to and click on Sunday Seminars transcripts.

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