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Second World Day of the Poor

'We will open our hearts to the cries of the poor...' (Chapter Statement)

Sunday, 18 November is the second World Day of the Poor, instituted by Pope Francis during the Year of Mercy (2016).

This year's message focusses on the cries of persons who are poor.
Who are the poor? What cries must be heard? 

There are many different forms of poverty. This year the Pope highlights "those whose hearts are broken by sadness, loneliness and exclusion...those trampled in their dignity...those persecuted in the name of a false justice, oppressed by policies unworthy of the name, and terrified by violence...those poor, rejected and marginalized'.

May we each respond generously to the cries we hear.

National Day of Sorrow and Promise.

Members of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, our Staff and Partners in Ministry, gathered at our Congregation Centre on Sunday December 2nd, to participate in the National Day of Sorrow and Promise which has emerged through Catholic Religious Australia to acknowledge survivors of abuse within the Catholic Church and all those who have been hurt by that abuse. 

The liturgy, which included the testimony of survivors and their family members, acknowledged the tragedy of Institutional child sexual abuse, its devastating and life long effects on survivors and their family and friends, and was underpinned by a promise to ensure such crimes can never happen again, and that the safety of all children and vulnerable adults under the care of the Catholic Church, Catholic Religious Congregations and out ministries, is ensured.

The Liturgy concluded with the following Statement of Promise, made by all Sisters of Mercy who were present or who participated in smaller gatherings in local communities:

As Catholic Religious of Australia, we are stirred by sorrow for the failings of the past. We encounter the depth of pain endured within our midst.
WE promise to listen to and support those who have been harmed by abuse
WE promise to act to prevent abuse, respond with compassion and justice and put the protection of children and the vulnerable at the heart of all our ministries
WE promise to support all those walking courageously with the abused and those working fearlessly for the prevention of abuse
WE promise to work tirelessly and humbly to build a culture in our Church which is loving and answerable to the wider community
WE promise to partner with those who have been abused, with governments, civil agencies and society at large to continue to learn and work towards a safer, more respectful and accountable Church
WE promise to be people of action, to embed prevention and safeguarding practices and governance reforms throughout our Church
WE promise to remember and to be forever changed

2 December 2018

Statements by the Leaders of many Religious Congregations can be found here

Where art and eyes meet the heart and insight

‘ Nothing is in the mind that is not first in the senses’ - Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274)

Theme: The significance of the environment in religious art and architecture
The eyes with which the artist sees
The eyes with which you see.

Presenter: Rosemary Crumlin, rsm, OAM

Rosemary Crumlin is an art curator, historian and consultant in contemporary art and spirituality and in its intersections with Liturgical Art in Paintings and Churches. Her life (art, writings, books, religious commitment) revolves around the intersections between her own questions and those mirrored in the changing faces of contemporary art. She has been a consistent advocate for artists, including indigenous artists and their art.

Some of her books and exhibitions include: Images of Religion in Australian Art (1988), Aboriginal Art and Spirituality (1991), Beyond Belief: Modern Art and the Religious Imagination (1998), and most recently, The Blake Book: Art, Religion and Spirituality in Australia (2011). She is currently the art consultant for Our Lady of Good Counsel Church at Deepdence in Victoria and feels passionately about this sacred place.


Rosemary’s way of entry is always through the ‘half-open door’ – the work of art itself, and, the experiences which participants bring, and their diverse ways of their seeing. She writes, “Images and seeing are at the heart of this shared experience. I hope to respect this. I shall bring some originals as well as a few images. I hope we meet some new works, some great artists and each other, and perhaps find new ways of understanding what brings us together about care for the whole of life".

Date: Saturday March 2, 2019
Time: 9.30am-12.30pm 
Place: Catherine McAuley Rooms, 6 Victoria Road, Parramatta. 
Parking: in grounds or church parking area opposite.

COP24 UN Climate Change Conference Now Underway

'Mindful that we are called by the world and the church at this particular time in history to hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor, we will continue to respond mercifully to both.' (Chapter Statement)

The UN Climate Change Conference 'COP 24' opened today, 3 December, in Katowice, Poland and will continue until 14 December.

This conference is widely regarded as the most significant climate change event since the Paris Agreement was achieved in 2015 at COP21, applicable to all countries, aiming to keep global warming below 2°C. According to Patricia Espinosa ,UNFCCC Executive Secretary, COP24 Will be Paris 2.0. "In Poland, as I call it Paris 2.0, we will put together the pieces, directions and guidelines in order to make the framework really operate"

Our Chapter Statement expresses clearly our personal and congregational commitment to " honour our duty to love and care" for Earth and to "protect the rights of the natural world"

During these two weeks we invite you to join us in Prayer for Our Earth, in following the conference and in contributing your voice to its outcomes.

"By addressing climate change, we can build a better, more resilient future, both for this generation and all generations to follow……a future that is both cleaner and greener, but one where poverty is reduced, and that all people can live, love, learn and prosper." (Espinosa)

Kids Off Nauru

'We will open our hearts to the cries of the poor using our energies, gifts and resources to address violence and discrimination especially for women and children...' (Chapter Statement)

The Sisters of Mercy and colleagues are appalled that children have been languishing in offshore detention on Nauru for five years.

To show our support for the young casualties of this cruel offshore detention policy, we joined the Kids Off Nauru campaign by going #Blue For Nauru at our morning tea table.

We also signed a petition that was sent to Prime Minister Morrison, the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten and our Parramatta Federal Member Julie Owens, asking them to free the remaining children and their families immediately.

Join the Call here