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Join in a Discussion about Mercy Global Presence Theme 'Cosmos'

Valda Dickinson is holding an online meeting using Zoom to discuss the resources made available to us on the September theme: 'Cosmos/Cosmology'.

The meeting will take place at 5pm on Wednesday December 4.

All are welcome!

To join:
Go to: and follow the prompts

Topic: Mercy Global Presence 'Cosmos/Cosmology' Resources (September 2019)

After reflecting on the various resources...

  • What affirms your point of view?
  • What is moving or challenging you ? 
  • What do you disagree with?
  • Anything else you wish to raise.

Finding Hope When It Hurts - Mercy Sister Shares Research at World Congress on Pain

The World Congress on Pain, conducted by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), is a biannual, international event which focusses on pain research and treatment. Drawing up to 6,000 attendees from around the world, the Congress allows participants and presenters the opportunity to engage in education, information sharing and networking, to further their work in various areas related to pain research and treatment. Over the course of the Congress, 2,000 posters will be displayed.

Sr Rebecca, is associated with the display of two Poster Presentations of Research Abstracts which you can view by clicking the links below:

Both areas of research seek to identify the levels of spiritual distress in those who experience chronic pain, the relationship between these variables, and the implications for treatment programmes.

Members of the Greenwich Pain Programme team (Pictured below at the book launch in August 2012), Pain Specialist Professor Phillip Siddall, Sr Rebecca, and Psychologist Dr Robin Murray Co-Authored The Pain Book, a highly successful “handbook” for those who suffer pain. The book provides the reader with an understanding of pain, its causes, mechanisms and processes as well as helpful information on treatments and exercises.

To read more about The Pain Book or to purchase a copy online, click here.

Third Mercy Gathering Shines Spotlight on the Horror of Human Trafficking

The ritual was deeply moving and shocking in highlighting the global crime of Human Trafficking and its tragic human consequences, particularly for women and children. Some of the stories of survivors of this horror were shared within the ritual.

Also highlighted within the prayer, was the connection between demand in developed countries and trafficking in developing countries in areas such as clothing and footwear, chocolate, coffee, electronics and other consumables. We were challenged to ask questions about where, and how, the products we buy are made, and what the conditions are for the workers involved in production. 

After participating in the ritual, the gathered group was able to share their feelings and reactions and also discuss some of the ways we can contribute to bringing Trafficking to an end.

The Sisters of Mercy act locally and globally in the fight against Human Trafficking through our support of Mercy Global Action and ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Human Trafficking). Click on the links to find out more about Human Trafficking and what you can do to help stop it.



Mercy Sisters and Friends Unite in Prayer and Hospitality Across the Globe

Sisters and our guests at today's gathering had travelled from across Sydney to be one with all who are gathered in Baggot St, Dublin, this week of celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of Mercy International Centre (MIC), Dublin.

At this gathering, we viewed the video of the Morning Prayer Ritual which had been prepared by the Sisters of Mercy of Great Britain, centred around the theme of "Mercy Around the World: Our Global Reality". Incorporating movement, music, word, images and song, the ritual gave thanks for and acknowledged the presence and ministry of the Sisters of Mercy in 44 countries across the globe in areas of need.

We were also able to view the video of the Visit of the President of Ireland,  Dr Michael D. Higgins, to MIC, his address to the gathered guests and the Sisters' response.

As at our gathering on Wednesday, all present enjoyed a "Good Cup of Tea", lively conversation, and the opportunity to share in the International Celebrations.

Beyond this, the rituals, prayers and reflections challenge us to "Constantly search out the meaning of God's choice of those who are poor" (Constitutions, 1.06).

Mercy Day Celebrations Ring Out Around the World

Sisters of Mercy gathered in Parramatta with Ministry Partners, Colleagues and Friends to celebrate the feast Of Our Lady of Mercy ("Mercy Day") and join the International celebrations taking place in Mercy International Centre  (MIC) in Baggot St, Dublin.

September 24th marks the day all Sisters of Mercy throughout the world, and all those associated with us and our ministries, celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mercy and the Opening of the House of Mercy in Baggot St, Dublin in 1831 by Catherine McAuley and her companions.

This year, Celebrations held a special significance as the Mercy World also commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Mercy International Association (MIA) and Mercy International Centre in the refurbished original House of Mercy in 1994.

As part of the week of celebrations, which are being streamed live via the Mercy International Association Website, Sisters, Ministry Partners, Colleagues and Friends, have gathered from around the world to commemorate the past 20 years of Mercy International and to look to the future of Mercy in our fragile and fractured world.

The Sisters of Mercy Parramatta have scheduled three gatherings to participate in the International celebrations, the first of which was held on Mercy Day. At today's gathering, we commenced with a "high tea" and much conversation before we viewed the Official Opening and Ritual of the week's celebrations which had occurred at 5.00pm (Irish Time) on September 23rd. The ritual - "Telling the Story" was prepared by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, and recalled the story of the creation of MIC in word, music and song. Subsequent gatherings scheduled for Friday and Monday next week, will also incorporate the various rituals of the coming days in MIA.

On this special day, the Sisters of Mercy extend our warmest Mercy Day Greetings to all the members of the Mercy family around the Globe, and pray with gratitude for all that has been over the past 183 years and for that which is yet to come.