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Mercy Connect Melbourne Shopping Spree

It’s not often that the students at the Mercy Connect Dandenong Library Adult Literacy Class are surprised with something new. However, one Thursday afternoon in February this is exactly what happened. As the refugee students filtered into the library for their weekly class they were each given a number. There were puzzled looks on their faces. This was just one part of the surprise our Mercy Connect Melbourne Coordinator, Sr Mary Lewis, had in store for them...

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For a Life of Prayer: Pope's Prayer Intention for December 2020

Join with Pope Francis and his worldwide prayer network in praying this month's intention: For a Life of Prayer

The heart of the Church’s mission is prayer.
Prayer is the key for us to be able to enter into dialogue with the Father.
Every time we read a short passage from the Gospel we hear Jesus speaking to us.
We have a conversation with Jesus.
We listen to Jesus and we reply.
And this is prayer.
By praying, we change reality.
And we change our hearts.
Our heart changes when we pray.
We can do many things, but without prayer, it does not work.
We pray that our personal relationship with Jesus Christ be nourished by the Word of God and a life of prayer.
In silence, everyone, each one in heartfelt prayer.

—Pope Francis – December 2020

We invite you to post a prayer or reflection in our prayer space

Catholic Educator appointed as OLMC Parramatta Principal

Highly qualified and extensively experienced Catholic educator, Lucie Farrugia, has been appointed as the eleventh Principal of Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta.

“Ms Farrugia was selected because of her strong values and beliefs that align so well to the Mercy Values and their role in contemporary education. Secondly, her broad experience and success in leadership roles will deliver benefits for our staff, students and our community,” said Chair of the College Board, Ms Kerrie Walshaw.

“It is with great excitement that we announce her appointment to take our school into the next era of our 130 year history,” said Ms Walshaw.

Lucie Farrugia has more than 35 years’ experience in Catholic education and is currently serving as the Acting Principal of Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham. She previously held leadership positions in curriculum, pastoral care, communications and development, and identity and mission at St Patrick’s College in Campbelltown and MLC Sydney.

She holds a Master of Educational Leadership, a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma of Teaching and Certificate of Religious Education from the Australian Catholic University. She also holds a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from the Harvard Business School.

“Ms Farrugia’s appointment follows an independent recruitment process that was a very competitive, with numerous high-calibre candidates, reflecting the current strength and potential of OLMC Parramatta,” said Ms Walshaw.

Ms Farrugia, who will commence in January 2021, welcomed the appointment and thanked the College Board. “I see learning as a vibrant and life-long enterprise and, as Principal of OLMC, I will focus on ensuring the best academic outcomes for our students, coupled with many and varied opportunities and support for their growth as

individuals of faith,” said Principal appointee, Ms Lucie Farrugia.

“I am honoured to take up this appointment in this much loved College and look forward to working with the College Leadership Team and the entire staff, as we continue to enhance and empower this learning community, for the benefit of all.”

Mercy Works: Connecting History

A road trip from Sydney to Perth with visits to the Mercy Connect projects in Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo would add over 4,000 kilometres to your speedometer. Yet such a journey still wouldn’t accurately show just how valuable the Mercy Connect program is.

School can be a daunting place for anyone. Add in adjusting to a new language, different social rules and ways of learning and it may all become too much. This is where Mercy Connect comes in. This program recruits and trains volunteers to mentor and support refugee students.

Mercy Connect began in Sydney in 2008 with basic goals to help refugee and asylum seeker children to settle into the Australian education system. This is still the focal point but it now also supports parents and mature age students, helping them get the education they deserve.

12 years on and Mercy Connect is now in five cities across Australia, with more than 300 volunteers supporting over 1400 students in 116 primary and secondary schools.

Download and read the reports from Mercy Works: Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat/Bendigo, Perth

Advent Within Cosmic History

The incarnation and birth of Christ is a mystery that a lifetime of contemplation would not exhaust.

More and more theologians and spiritual guides are writing about the transitions needed for us to better understand these mysteries within cosmic history.

In this vein, Mercy Global Presence (MGP) is encouraging participation in the creation of a living cosmic advent wreath.

  • Week 1 – God’s Incarnation in the Creation of the Cosmos
  • Week 2 – God’s incarnation in the Creation of the Solar System
  • Week 3 – God’s incarnation in the Person of Jesus
  • Week 4 – God’s incarnation in Each Being, human and other than Human   
The engagement will happen in two stages: 

  • Stage 1 – Personal contemplation Journal – click here to download the journal page 
  • Stage 2 - Global Contemplation Regional Gathering – Tuesday, December 2 at 10:30am

  •  This will be an opportunity to share your insights from your journal with people around the world dedicated to Mercy as a way of life. (click here to register for Zoom Room)   

     "We are coming to realize that our expanding cosmos and we ourselves are infused and alive with divinity. Therefore, it is important to adjust our spiritual understanding to the new insights about the universe.

                    Teilhard de Chardin  

    All are welcome.  If you need help with Zoom contact Valda (