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Third Mercy Gathering Shines Spotlight on the Horror of Human Trafficking

The ritual was deeply moving and shocking in highlighting the global crime of Human Trafficking and its tragic human consequences, particularly for women and children. Some of the stories of survivors of this horror were shared within the ritual.

Also highlighted within the prayer, was the connection between demand in developed countries and trafficking in developing countries in areas such as clothing and footwear, chocolate, coffee, electronics and other consumables. We were challenged to ask questions about where, and how, the products we buy are made, and what the conditions are for the workers involved in production. 

After participating in the ritual, the gathered group was able to share their feelings and reactions and also discuss some of the ways we can contribute to bringing Trafficking to an end.

The Sisters of Mercy act locally and globally in the fight against Human Trafficking through our support of Mercy Global Action and ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Human Trafficking). Click on the links to find out more about Human Trafficking and what you can do to help stop it.



Those distant from the Christian faith: July 2017 Prayer Intention of Pope Francis

We are all invited to join with Pope Francis and his worldwide prayer network in praying this month's intention: Those distant from the Christian faith.

Text of July video:

'Let us never forget that our joy is Jesus Christ - his faithful and inexhaustible love. When a Christian becomes sad, it means that he has distanced himself from Jesus. But then we must not leave him alone! We should offer him Christian hope - with our words, yes, but more with our testimony, with our freedom, with our joy.

Let us pray that our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith, through our prayer and witness to the Gospel, may rediscover the beauty of the Christian life.'

We invite you to post a reflection or prayer in our prayer space.

Invitation: Make Friends with People of Other Faiths.

We will share with others,
including people of different faiths
 and no religious faith,
the joys and struggles of this spiritual journey.
(Chapter Statement 2016)

On 14 June 2017, twenty-two of the world’s most prominent religious leaders, including Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the Dalai Lama, made a joint statement encouraging people everywhere to make friends across religions. Friendship and getting to know one another are the antidotes to negativity and divisions in society, enhancing understanding and unity. 


The video statement was compiled from a series of in-depth standardised interviews made exclusively for this purpose. These interviews can be found here

 Further information about this initiative and additional resources can be found here

Take the Laudato Si' Pledge and Make a Difference

We will live simply, in a way that
takes into account the fragility of
Mother Earth by using her
resources more sparingly and,
where possible, living with less.
Chapter Statement 2016)

Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) is undertaking a campaign to raise awareness of the Laudato Si’ message and to encourage the Catholic community to take action with the urgency required by the climate crisis.

The pledge has three aspects to it:

Pray for and with creation;
• Live more simply;
• Advocate 
to protect our common home.

Sisters of Mercy International Association of which Parramatta Congregation is a member, is a signer of the pledge. Our Chapter Statement commits us to action on behalf of the needs of Earth and Earth's people.

We invite you to consider signing on and taking action to protect our common home. Further information about the pledge can be found on the Live Laudato Si' website

Programmes on offer at Marymount Mercy Centre 2017/2018

Marymount Mercy Centre is our Spirituality Centre, offering attractive and comfortable facilities in a heritage-protected bushland setting, approximately 35 kilometres north-west of Sydney city centre.

Programmes are on offer in 2017/2018 for those preparing for perpetual profession, Formators and for clergy, religious and lay people interested in renewal.

A list of all programmes on offer in 2017 and 2018 can be downloaded here (PDF) Brochures for each of the individual programmes can be downloaded here

We welcome your inquiry and look forward to welcoming you to Marymount.

Messages to: Margaret Jones rsm - Director Marymount Mercy Centre

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