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Those distant from the Christian faith: July 2017 Prayer Intention of Pope Francis

We are all invited to join with Pope Francis and his worldwide prayer network in praying this month's intention: Those distant from the Christian faith.

Text of July video:

'Let us never forget that our joy is Jesus Christ - his faithful and inexhaustible love. When a Christian becomes sad, it means that he has distanced himself from Jesus. But then we must not leave him alone! We should offer him Christian hope - with our words, yes, but more with our testimony, with our freedom, with our joy.

Let us pray that our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith, through our prayer and witness to the Gospel, may rediscover the beauty of the Christian life.'

We invite you to post a reflection or prayer in our prayer space.

Ending the Arms Trade: June Prayer Intention of Pope Francis

We are all invited to join with Pope Francis and his worldwide prayer network in praying this month's intention: Ending the Arms Trade which victimizes so many innocent people. 

Pope Francis' Intentions for 2017 can be read here

Text of June video:

'It is an absurd contradiction to speak of peace, to negotiate peace, and at the same time, promote or permit the arms trade.
Is this war or that war really a war to solve problems or is it a commercial war for selling weapons in illegal trade and so that the merchants of death get rich?
Let us put an end to this situation. Let us pray all together that national leaders may firmly commit themselves to ending the arms trade which victimizes so many innocent people.'

We invite you to post a reflection or prayer in our prayer space.

Catholic Women’s Mentoring Program: Empowering Women

Catholic Women’s Mentoring is a new, volunteer run program launched at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney on Saturday, 20 May. Christine Pace, Development Officer at OLMC Parramatta is one of the coordinators behind the program and Maria Lawton rsm is one of the first mentors.

Catholic Women’s Mentoring ‘is a connection, a type of friendship – one that is focused, honest, practical, supportive’. Rather than being a corporate program assisting participants to climb a career ladder, the program ‘sees mentoring as a tool of empowerment which can help us to become what God created us to be’, explained Christine .

‘I firmly believe that Catholic women who are strong and affirmed in their faith and their capabilities can do amazing things to transform society. Faith-filled women, on fire with the Holy Spirit, can be the hands and feet of God through their lives.

To be on fire with the Holy Spirit, we need solid formation, spiritual nourishment and encouragement from others in our faith. That’s where we can help each other…’

Asked what attracted her to the role of mentor Sr Maria responded: 'I greatly admire this initiative from Christine, and was particularly impressed with her recognition of her experience of mentoring as significant and “life-changing”. My own experience has been similar in encountering generous and wise women who were willing to share their time, experience, skill and expertise with me and provide direction and guidance. Each of those women would see themselves as very ordinary, and yet their assistance to me was extraordinary. I believe we should always be open to giving to others that which we have received. So in that spirit, although I see myself as very ordinary, I agreed to be open to assisting others on their life’s journey in whatever small way I can'.

Special guest Senator Deborah O’Neill, Shadow Assistant Minister for Innovation and Shadow Assistant Minister for Mental Health, one of almost 200 women at the launch, said the mentoring program would ‘enable Catholic women to have a wider role in the Church and society’.

More mentors are needed and more mentees are welcome.

If you are interested in being involved in the program, visit the Catholic Women’s Mentoring website and fill in the appropriate application form.

Join Us and the Mercy World in 9 Days of Prayer & Reflection

To mark the second anniversary of the release by Pope Francis of his encyclical letter Laudato Si’, Sisters of Mercy across the globe have committed to 9 Days of Prayer and reflection using the Prayer for our Earth. The 9 Days will commence on Saturday, 10 June and conclude on Sunday 18 June, the actual anniversary.

We, Sisters of Mercy of the Parramatta Congregation, are committed to protecting the rights of the natural world and to stemming the hurtful effects of climate change, pollution and the ‘throw away’ mentality, all of which concerns are addressed by Pope Francis in Laudato Si’.

We invite you to join us and the Mercy world in both marking the anniversary in prayer and in reflecting on the ways in which you can act to respect and protect the rights of Earth and the Earth community.

Resources for the 9 Days of Prayer can be accessed here

Celebrating World Environment Day, 5 June

5 June is World Environment day, the United Nations principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment.
World Environment day this year invites us all to 'reconnect with nature and celebrate the places that matter most to you'.

We, Sisters of Mercy of the Parramatta Congregation, in our Chapter Statement recognise and commit to respect and care for Earth:

'We will enjoy and celebrate Earth's beauty and bounty and her many species. We will honour our duty to love and care for her and add to her well-being wherever possible.'

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