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The Lenten Journey: Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday signals the start of Lent, the Season of the Year when we have the opportunity to change, to begin again, to renew ourselves.  We are all invited by Pope Francis in his message for Lent 2018 'to take up the Lenten journey with enthusiasm', sustained by the traditional practices of almsgiving, fasting and prayer.

During the Season of Lent (14 February-29 March 2018 ), the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta Congregation invite you to join with us and with the Mercy community globally in praying these intercessions:

  • In a world of violence and denial of basic human dignity, may we be lights in the darkness:
  • Create in us new hearts, O God
  • In a world of abundance which allows children to go hungry, may we work to banish famine and malnutrition:
  • Create in us new hearts, O God
  • In a world which places ambition and the quest for wealth and power above the values of family and faith, may we stand as witnesses that you are the source of all true happiness:
  • Create in us new hearts, O God
  • In a world where disagreements and longstanding enmities are resolved by war and civil disruption, may we be reconcilers and unifiers:
  • Create in us new hearts, O God
  • In a world created through your love and charged with your presence, may we teach others to see your face in all people and all creation:
  • Create in us new hearts, O God
  • In a world which hungers for meaning and searches for you, may we accompany those journeying to Baptism and support them through our prayer and witness:
  • Create in us new hearts, O God

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Resources to aid your Lenten preparation can be found here

Source: Morning and Evening Prayer of the Sisters of Mercy

CRA Response to Royal Commission Report

Sister Ruth Durick OSU, President of Catholic Religious Australia, said religious orders across Australia are committed to continuing the work of recent years to ensure a future in which the safety and protection of children and vulnerable adults is paramount.

“Catholic Religious Australia would like to acknowledge those many people who served the Royal Commission, whose lives have been impacted by the stories they have heard, and those in the Church who have worked tirelessly to change the practices of the Church to keep children safe in our present time and into the future,” she said.

“We acknowledge with gratitude the courage of all those survivors who have come forward to the Royal Commission.

“We have witnessed the cost to survivors and their families in reliving their memories of abuse for all to see. We also know that there were so many more who told their stories in private to the Royal Commission and more still who hold their stories of abuse by the Church in their hearts, unable to share them.

“We acknowledge the pain carried by so many and the collective and individual pain that abuse in our Church has caused to the people of Australia. We recognise the far-reaching damage that has been done, and seek to do all that we can to keep children safe in our organisations.”

“We will be taking very seriously the Royal Commission's report and, with the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, have commissioned an initial assessment of its findings by the Truth, Justice and Healing Council. We expect the TJHC assessment to be completed early in 2018.”

Media Enquiries: Contact Michael Salmon 0417 495 018

Statement Concerning Royal Commission Final report and Child Sexual Abuse

The Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, welcomed the establishment of the Royal Commission and supports its important work over the past 5 years in bringing to light the failures of Institutions, including those associated with the Catholic Church and Religious Congregations, to protect and nurture children under their care.

We acknowledge with deep regret, there have been times in the history of some of our institutions, that some people under our care were not treated with care and respect.

We honour and respect the courage of those survivors who came forward to tell their stories and shed light on this shameful tragedy that has had such devastating and damaging implications for them, their families and friends.

We thank the Commissioners for their tireless dedication to survivors and their efforts to ensure such abuse can never happen again.

As a Congregation, and as individual members, we commit to:

• continuing our efforts to ensure the protection of children and vulnerable adults from all forms of abuse within our Institutions and ministries;
• work fully and openly in responding to the recommendations of the Royal Commission;
• respond with mercy and compassion to survivors of all forms of abuse.

Should you wish to contact the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta regarding a Professional Standards matter, please click here.

Prayer in the Season of Advent: Week Two

During the Season of Advent (3-24 December), the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta Congregation invite you toparticipate with us in prayer and reflection, joining with the Mercy community globally in praying these intercessions.

Prayer for Week Two: 10-16 December

God our Creator, we pray especially for those persons who hunger and thirst for justice

  • For those without safe shelter or adequate housing
  • For immigrants and refugees and all displaced persons
  • For migrant workers and their families
  • For prisoners of conscience and those who are falsely accused
  • For those awaiting trial and for their judges, advocates and juries
  • For legislators, economists, relief workers, and all who work for a more just world order
  • For all Sisters of Mercy as they strive to witness to your mercy and justice
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Source: Morning and Evening Prayer of the Sisters of Mercy

For the Elderly: December Prayer Intention of Pope Francis

We are all invited to join with Pope Francis and his worldwide prayer network in praying this month's intention: For the Elderly.

Text of the December video:
'A people that does not take care of grandparents, that does not treat them well has no future! The elderly have wisdom. They are entrusted with a great responsibility: to transmit their life experience, their family history, the history of a community, of a people. Let us keep in mind our elders, so that sustained by families and institutions, may with their wisdom and experience collaborate in the education of new generations.'

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